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Women's Fitness Pros and Cons

Personal Training with Mr. Universe

In regards to getting fit and healthy, it’s pretty safe to say that women have it tough, for a number of different reasons. Studies have found that more and more women are hiring an online personal trainer or purchasing various weight loss products and supplements in order to help them lose weight and get fitter and healthier in the process.

Personal Training Service in Dallas, provided by Mr.Universe Julian Grishajev, saw a huge surge in enquiries from prospective female clients over the last twelve months alone, and those numbers are gradually rising every single day. The fact that more and more women are willing to turn to an Online Personal Trainer, or spend their hard earned cash on products designed to help them get fitter and slimmer, proves how seriously these women are taking their health.

Women’s fitness is extremely important for many reasons, and whilst being highly beneficial, there are also a number of pros and cons, which we’ll be taking a look at right now.

Women’s fitness pros – First off we’ll begin on a positive note by taking a look at some of the different pros associated with women’s fitness:

You’ll look great – Women want to look attractive, they take pride in their appearance and rightfully so. By following a sensible and effective fitness routine, they’re able to do just that as it will help them to lose fat, to tone their bodies, and look amazing in the process.

You’ll feel great – Not only will you look great by working out regularly and eating healthily, you will also feel great too, for a number of reasons. By losing weight, toning up, and improving your body, you’ll feel more self-confident and more attractive. Exercise and clean eating also stimulates the production of serotonin and endorphins, which are hormones and chemicals which make us feel happy and feel good about ourselves. They can choose to embark on their fitness journey alone, or they can actually take up personal training with Mr Universe one on one. Even something as simple as walking to work instead of driving can be a fantastic start.

Women’s fitness cons – As mentioned, there are also potential drawbacks associated with women’s fitness, so let’s now take a look at a few potential negative aspects.

It’s harder for women to lose weight – This isn’t a generalisation or a sexist remark, it’s a proven scientific fact. Women are genetically predetermined to store more body fat on their bodies than men, and as a result, their metabolisms run slower than men’s, so they find it harder to lose weight, and sadly, it’s also easier for them to gain it. This however, does not make it impossible. It just means they may have to work slightly harder than usual, but as the saying goes “nothing worth having comes easy”.

There are also biological factors to contend with – We all know what happens to a majority of women for 5 – 7 days each month, and during your monthly cycle, it’s safe to say that you won’t feel too great. Common side effects of menstruation include: bloating, painful cramps, and cravings. If you’re suffering an especially bad period, the last thing you’ll want to do is head to the gym and eat a plate of steamed veggies once you’ve finished.

Instead, you’ll much rather curl up on the sofa and eat the foods you’ve been craving and denying yourself for several weeks. Some women will fight through, whilst others will give in to temptation, but no matter what, going through your period whilst trying to get fit and healthy will not be the most pleasant of experiences, so it is worth bearing that in mind.

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