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Your Personal Trainer Testimonials

Your Dallas Personal Trainer Testimonials 
Personal Training with Mr. Universe

Julian is an experienced professional, who delivers professional results! A little about me - I am a mother of two, and although I consider myself to be moderately fit, I have room for improvement. He understands the importance of proper form and execution, and it shows! I have started this program recently and have already noticed a massive improvement - my muscles are beginning to form and become toned, and my body is becoming more conditioned and flexible.

The best part about this program is it can be as intensive as you need it to be-whether it be for a bodybuilding competition, or just to be healthier. Julian fends away the myths about “female fitness”, and brings to light the facts. It encompasses the mind/body connection, and not only emphasizes fitness, but diet and health as well. Are you ready to be in the best shape of your life? I’m already on my way!

                                                                Nicole F,

                                                                Norwich ,CT ( USA)     

I have worked with Julian for more than a year and a half and have experienced tremendous results. As a result of his efforts I am much stronger, more flexible and feel much healthier. What I find great is that he has equipped me with the knowledge and correct form to achieve my goals going forward so that I can keep building upon each workout.As Julian places such high emphasis on form, I have stayed virtually injury free for years so that means more opportunity to train, more growth and more progress. Julian takes training very seriously and is determined to help his clients reach their straight and conditioning goals.

Having placed 1st in Mr.Universe Body Building contest, it's always an educational experience training with Julian and what has really benefited me is his attention to detail, from diet to form, rest and flexibility. He emphasizes the total package and for that reason I would highly recommend Julian to any athlete or average person who wants to achieve their fitness goals.           

                                                               Billy , Business Owner

                                                               Dublin (Ireland)


I did a 6 month program with Julian . I started to see results in the first few weeks, smaller stomach and more definition on muscles. My friends and family kept commenting on how fitter and healthier I looked. If you want to see results I would highly recommend Julian.

                                                                 Stephen , Security Personal

                                                              Dublin (Ireland)  

Julian Grishajev is very knowledgeable he gives you a complete evaluation and he create a program which fits your needs and includes a nutrition program . He is friendly. This is the best investment you could make into your health.

                                                             Valery , Entrepreneur
                                                             Dublin (Ireland)

I trained with Mr.Julian Grishajev for 2 months in spring time 2010 and I was impressed with his professionalism. He is an expert Body Builder, who has international quality, yet he was able to design an exercise routine and a diet for a regular person such as myself,so I was able to continue workouts by my own were he was out of country.He worked with me on three times-a-week basis and initially assessed my current status. From there he was able to give me a 6 month personalized routine to work on my different muscle groups.

He paid close attention to the warming up period by noting my heart rate and keeping within an expected range for my age. I am in my 40’s and do not exercise routinely. He was cautious not to cause me undue body aches after excessive exercise. After each routine he gave me a stretch routine to cool down.  I was very impressed with Mr.Grishajev knowledge base.He is Mr. Universe Title Winner Body Builder with multiple awards in international contests.

I think it was a good investment.We are lucky to have Mr. Grishajev in our city. Hopefully he can build his practice and stay in our  town for the benefit of all of us. I plan to return to work with him in the future to continue a healthy exercise routine to keep me fit.

                                                         Pedro ,MD ,Professor

                                                         El Paso (USA)

I was overweight and I needed to tone up! I used the 6 month online personal training program with Julian. He offered great tips and knowledge that has been of great use for me. Although I aimed at my lower body, I have succeeded to achieve amazing overall shape. I achieved this because of the amazing information that he gave to me and the nutrition program. If you follow him and his programs, I’m sure you will get more muscular, leaner and simply more powerful. His routines are simply highly effective. Thank you Julian.

                                                           Eli J, (Macedonia)

I needed to get fit for an assignment I had coming up about 6 months down the road. It was imperative that I was in the best physical shape I could be. I started taking personal training online with Mr. Universe and was impressed with the results. I received a customized program specifically for me. I balanced my diet, lost weight and gained strength and improved muscle tone.

This was an excellent program that produced measurable results and another added bonus – I feel great!  Personal Training Online with Mr. Universe Julian Grishajev was a perfect fit for me with my daily schedule. I highly recommend it to anyone!

                                                           Mike , Enterpreneur

                                                           Portland, OR (USA)

I have trained with Mr. Grishajev and have seen extraordinary progress. He dedicates himself to you and gives you great tips on how to activate and workout each muscle group. He also gave me a nutrition program that was easy to follow and that has helped me in reaching my goals. Thanks to him and his professionalism, I’m in the best shape of my life. His expertise has given me a unique knowledge that I will use for the rest of my life. This is an exceptional online personal training program.      

                                                            Bojan , Artist

                                                            (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Mr. Pedro Blandon MD, Professor at his 51 year young man is the most flexible & physically fit doctor in town shows one of the difficult exercise - raising legs to the bar 15 reps non-stop in one set

  Updated !!! After one year at his 52 year young man shows the progress in the same hard exercise - raising legs to the bar 22 reps non-stop in one set. Started from zero 5 years ago.

 Youth Fitness Training Testimonials 

I've know Julian as a friend of the family for 10 years, but this summer was the first time I got to know him in a professional capacity. He exceeded my expectations! I am a mother of 5, and my 14 year old son, who has always been in the bottom 10% for weight, participated in Julian's summer training for teens. He gained 12 pounds of muscle in just 5 weeks. Even more impressive is that Julian's coaching and motivational techniques convinced my son who is a "picky eater" to radically improve and balance his diet. Can you imagine my surprise to "catch" him eating fruits and vegetables and even asking me to buy them when I went to the store.

Julian Grishajev has an impressive personal record of achievement, and thorough and complete mastery of the knowledge for his field, but what sets him a part in my opinion is his coaching style. It's one thing to coach and motivate during a session, but to impact an athlete to create permanent healthy behaviors outside of practice demonstrates that Julian is a master of his craft. Our community is fortunate to have someone of his caliber.

                                                                                   Tiffany S,

                                                                                    El Paso, TX (USA)

I can not say enough for Mr. Julian Grishajev. This summer 2016 I took my 10 year old son to do a teen program with him, as a football and wrestler he needs to be in good shape but Mr. Julian did much more then keep him in shape, he showed him how to stretch properly, the exercises he showed my son made him stronger and better as an athlete, it shows now that he's training for football and wrestling, how fast and more flexible he is, thank you Mr. Julian for making my son a better athlete in many ways!

                                                                                   Claudia P.
                                                                                   El Paso, TX (USA)

I have two boys who play football and are wrestlers. Julian did a great job of working with my two boys! He trained them for 2 1/2 months, over the course of the summer.

During this time, the boys maintained their weight, yet I noticed a great improvement in their speed, endurance and overall sport performance. In fact, when they returned to their coaches this fall, they have been complemented on how great their performance is.

More importantly, Julian did a great job of making sure that the boys learned how to take care of their body/muscles by teaching them the appropriate way to stretch out. Julian Grishajev made sure to take the time to stretch with them after every single workout, no matter how exhausted they were.

                                                                                     Yolanda P.

                                                                                     El Paso,TX (USA)

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